Tease Stylist

Kellie - Stylist

I have always loved the beauty industry and loved to try and follow trend. As soon as my mom told me I could start wearing make up to school I did and even before that haha.  Make up and hair products were always so cool and interesting but I never knew why I wanted to be a stylist until high school. I loved the way I felt every time I got my hair done. I was confident and so excited to show people my new look. I thought my hairstylist Ruth was the coolest person and she was beautiful. I wanted to be like Ruth and make people feel the way she made me feel.

I love making people feel good! It’s so crazy how just a few highlights or a small bang trim can make people feel. You don’t always have to get the works done to get satisfaction from it. Clients are so thankful just to see and talk to you. Sometimes it’s like being an amateur therapist. Hair wise I would have to say I love creative color. Anything where I can whip out the colors of the rainbow is cool with me. Adding some funk into this world through hair is pretty sweet.

I love food and to cook. I usually am cooking on my days off. In between making sure my son isn’t bored. Who would have thought having a child would be hard work 😂 If I had a babysitter? My husband and I love to find new restaurants, breweries and comedy. Also concerts are a favorite past time. I love seeing live music especially anything that brings back memories.

Anything related to hard labor. I can’t see being hot, sweaty and tired. But on the other hand I also don’t like desk work or math so I guess I picked the right profession!

Everything. You name it I’ve probably had it have some kind of influence on me. From Spice girls to The talking heads. Barbra Streisand and show tunes to Tenacious D.  But it’s no surprise to anyone who my favorite band is. I love Hanson. Yes that Hanson. They have like 10 albums (look them up) and I’ve seen them more times then I can count on both hands so yea I would say Hanson is my official answer to this question.