Tease Stylist

Carinne - Stylist

My favorite thing about being a stylist is the fact that I can pretty much put whatever is in my mind and make it real. No matter what pattern or idea I have it always comes out cool.

Becoming a hairstylist just kind of fell into my lap. I always wanted to do art and be creative, I just didn’t know how to achieve that. Going to Hair School as something I just thought would be easy and then I realized how much I truly loved it.

I would probably obsess over everything under the Sun so it’s a probably a good thing that I have to sleep and stay busy.

I have to try really hard not to sound over confident but honestly any job I’ve ever done I’ve been good at. No matter what it is I just take this situation and handle it.

Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill and No Doubt Tragic Kingdom raised me. GIRL POWER!