Ashlee - Salon Coordinator


Salon Coordinator


1.) Why did you want to work in the beauty industry?

I’ve always loved learning about hairstyles and makeup and nails. It’s always fascinated me. Seeing new trends and being able to try it out for myself is just such a great experience! 

2.) What is your favorite thing about being the salon coordinator? Why?  

     I love meeting the clients. Each and every one has this story they tell and it’s so incredible to me. All the backgrounds and the different lifestyles. It’s so great that one salon can bring together so many people. 

3.) If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with your extra time? 

       Travel! I love exploring new places and trying all kinds of different foods. I would take that opportunity to see everything I wanted without having to rest.

4.) What job would you be terrible at?                

     A zoo keeper! Bugs, amphibians, and reptiles…no thanks! 

5.) What music has influenced you the most/what is your favorite band? 

     I love country music! Kane Brown is my favorite go to right now, but I love classics like Randy Travis. Chris Stapleton is another one I also can’t get enough of! He has such soul when he performs.